Mission Statement & Pillars & The Vision | Board of Directors | Facility | Membership & Responsibilities

Mission Statement

"To create an accessible and inclusive space for indoor rock climbing, training, and community growth in the Mount Washington Valley."


Community: The Cooperative is a watering hole to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and gather for community events. Community is the foundation of the Cooperative, and we'll do anything and everything for it. The spirit of community will be strong within the space, but it will also reverberate to our local crags through dynamic and regional partnerships to bring forth the history of climbing in the Mountain Washington Valley.

Learning: The Cooperative will be a space to learn about both the physical, mental, and technical aspects of climbing. It will be utilized by friends, youth, and families as a place to learn about the sport and all the recreational opportunities the Mount Washington Valley has to offer. We will have a resource library, training and learning clinics, and a local youth team that trains, grows, and climbs together.

Inclusion: In addition to the Cooperative being physically accessible to all, the Cooperative will be a safe and welcoming space. Through our community, we will foster an environment welcoming to all regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, and ability. We will actively seek out opportunities to lift marginalized and underrepresented voices to a place higher than our own. We will partner with and support organizations representing those voices to continue to work to make our space and the Mount Washington Valley a welcoming place for all.

Movement: Winters in the Mount Washington Valley are long and summers are wet. The Cooperative will be a one-of-a-kind facility where community members can gather indoors when they can’t get outside. They can maintain their physical health with the fun and challenge of bouldering in a friendly, community-centric setting.

Breaking down Barriers: Climbing has profound barriers to entry. We aim to break down those barriers through free gear rental, discounted family days, and educational and mentorship opportunities. We want this sport to be more equitable, both inside and outside of the Cooperative.

The Vision

What is a Co-Op?

Cooperatives are businesses owned by their consumers and managed democratically, with the sole purpose of providing a service to their membership. For our purposes, the co-op format means that our climbing center can be more affordable and more in our small community than a large commercial gym. Members will have a stake in the direction and decisions of the Cooperative at annual meetings, they will also share the responsibility of cleanliness, safety, and function of the facility!

Board of Directors

  • Mickey Hardt - President
  • Matt Yosca - Vice President
  • Dave Reynolds - Treasurer
  • Kelsey Rex - Secretary
  • Brady Callahan
  • Nick Dehaas
  • Tim Doyle
  • Ryan Jean
  • Dominic Lentini
  • Carissa Milliman
  • Carter Owens


In the Spring of 2017 we collected survey responses from 141 climbers of the Mount Washington Valley. Based on the feedback we received from the climbing community, our aim is to open a small, affordable indoor climbing center with bouldering walls and training equipment. The space will be about 2000 square feet, featuring 1200 square feet of walls at varying angles to accommodate a range of difficulty levels and also optimized for training purposes. The initial goal is to get the doors open and provide a basic climbing and training facility by Spring 2020. We hope to develop programming, advanced training systems, yoga classes, and more in the future. Stay tuned for more details about the facility and the project here & on our Facebook page.

In order to meet our goals we have been drawing on the various strengths and skills of community members and deeply appreciate the support and effort put in so far. We will need even more help as we begin the build out stages of the project, with fundraising, and development. Please reach out if you have a specific skill or talent to contribute. It will truly take a community effort to make this dream a reality.

Membership Fees and Responsibilities

Once the facility opens the following will be available:

  • A lifetime membership means that you own a small piece of the climbing co-op. This means that you have the opportunity to participate in the annual meetings and help shape the direction of the business with your vote. It also means that you assume partial responsibility for ensuring the upkeep and respect of the facility.
  • Once a member, individuals and families will be able to purchase day, six-month, or annual passes to the facility.