MWV Climber’s Cooperative lifetime membership benefits include:

  • Be a part of the financing effort that eventually opens the doors of the Co-op space!
  • Access to a ~ 2000 sq ft. bouldering and training facility within a 20 minute drive from any town in the Mount Washington Valley.
  • Purchasing a lifetime membership gives you the ability to purchase 6 month or annual passes to the co-op.
  • Members will have the ability to purchase a limited number of day passes for non-member friends or family members.
  • Have voting and decision making stakes regarding the direction of the co-op at the annual members meeting.
  • Enjoy a temperature controlled space to climb no matter what the weather is doing outside any day of the year.
  • Maintain climbing fitness year round.
  • Be a part of an incredible community of climbers in the MWV and enjoy the camaraderie of other climbers, make new friends, and have a place to gather with existing friends to push each other and grow as climbers.
  • Free access to Co-op hosted events such as competitions, slideshows, films, community gatherings and more!
Responsibilities & Expectations
Membership & Access Prices

Access Passes

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